Innovation of Business

and the
Business of Innovation™
Market Engineering - Giving Your the Edge on Innovation

Five years of global financial crisis

leaves millions of

businesses and individuals struggling


Market Engineering

offers four sources of free knowledge

plus a suite of innnovation toolkits for fee.

See ToolKit Pages.


1. Colorado Innovation Newsletters

 40 Essays on Innovation,
twice a month by Constant Contact.

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Practical, Actionable Knowledge

2. Dictionary of Innovation and Marketing Edition 22.

Free at the "Free Tab on the main menue.

3.  Customers and Wealth Creation 

Free at the "Free Tab" on the main menue.

A course in marketing, branding, finance of technology

4. InnoKits

Innovation ToolKits

Desisieve Accleration

InnoKits are to innovation as

engineering is to architecture…

logical steps to take before

Planing and acting. 

5. Facilitator Training

For Fee help getting started with Kits.

The power to change your world
at a profit.

 Launch Intentions

Formal Launch June 1, 2013

Earlier if possible 

Identity InnoKit-- Available now.

Strategy InnoKit-- Available now

Marketing and Branding InnoKit

Technology Transfer InnoKit

Communications InnoKit

Business Culture InnoKit

Concept InnoKit

Market Development InnoKit

Entrepreneuring InnoKit

     Market Engineering, Inc. developeded and grew an ongoing consulting business that served industry, government, and the military. Clients ranged from Fortune 50 to entrepreneurs. Products ranged from as small as $100 that fit in your hand up to products covering many acres and costing $500,000,000 each. (That is half a billion dollars!)

Market Engineering®, Inc.

A Consulting Service in Innovation since 1998

Industry, government, and military. Clients from entrepreneurs to Fortune 50. Products as small as $100 that fit in your hand to systems covering acres of land at $500,000,000 each. (Half a billion dollars!)

Uniqueness: Consulting is based in questions, not answers. Facilitated brainstorming delivers more ideas and better decisions than any single person can.

Innovators' Edge™

The business unit for development and marketing of
proven innovation processes named InnoKits™


Energize your business and increase your confidence.
Get your next kit today.

 Best regards,

Gary Lundquist
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Innovation Catalyst
Professional Agent of Change.
Newsletter Author 



Change agent skills are as important
to personal and corporate success
as are professional discipline skills.





1. “Research is the transformation of money into knowledge. Innovation is the transformation

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