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Identity InnoKit™
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Identity InnoKit™

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The Identity process asks dozens of questions and compiles answers from empowered Teams. That is, the process does not present knowledge, but presents questions, leverages Team knowledge, and captures results This approach leverages human tendencies to brainstorm to solutions.

The opposite would be to begin with answers and then fight over who is right. Facilitator manages Team processes. Team makes decisions. Facilitator documents results and develops syntheses for Team to evaluate. If necessary, Facilitator and Team will rework specific issues. Facilitator is an ongoing resource, yet the Team is now ready to integrate new perspectives and criteria for its innovation.

The purpose of this document is to help licensees reach their objectives for the Innovation InnoKit. Other HandBooks accompany their respective licensed InnoKits. The process in all cases depends on a “Facilitator” who manages an extended brainstorming process. Facilitator presents a range of well tested questions to a “Team” of people gathering to clarify their business / product for both funding, investment, purchase and use. Together, Team and Facilitator achieve a multi-faceted description of the business / product or business.

This resource is designed for Facilitators. It provides language and perspectives on the various topics of brainstorming. It also provides clarity on processes used to achieve an Identity.

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