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Strategy InnoKit™

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Someone once said that tactics win battles but strategies win wars. I agree. Of the many factors contributing to our loss, our weakness in strategy was a key. We flew too much by the seat of our pants. We were too tactical. We didn’t understand strategy at all.

Too bad. Yet that business isn’t alone. Companies, businesses, and teams go down in flames every day for the same reason. There may be a human blind spot when it comes to strategy, or maybe it’s just that logic loses out to ego, and the thrill of action overwhelms the discipline required to sustain a business in the long term.

A few key tools would make a huge difference. Let’s call them discipline tools ? tools which help management teams to choose the most responsible actions. If we had the discipline to be strategic, we simply wouldn’t make so many tragic mistakes.

It’s easy to blame a loss on abstract concepts, so let’s take a moment to clarify what we mean by strategy. We will speak about “businesses” to imply impact on both primary organizations and their functional parts. e.g., both company and its engineering department. We include businesses in industry, government, education, the military, the arts, and even religion.

The purpose of this document is to help licensees reach their objectives for the Innovation InnoKit. Other HandBooks accompany their respective licensed InnoKits. The process in all cases depends on a “Facilitator” who manages an extended brainstorming process. Facilitator presents a range of well tested questions to a “Team” of people gathering to clarify their business / product for both funding, investment, purchase and use. Together, Team and Facilitator achieve a multi-faceted description of the business / product or business.

This resource is designed for Facilitators. It provides language and perspectives on the various topics of brainstorming. It also provides clarity on processes used to achieve an Identity.

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